Frquently Asked Question

Orders and Delivery

1. Payment Opions
  • Cash on delivery
  • Bank Deposit
  • BKash
2. Delivery Fee:
  • Free delivery for Dhaka Metro, for outside Dhaka Tk. 110 for the machine & Filter cartridge.
  • Delivery Time: Within 3-5 working days.
3. Area Coverage:
  • Allover Bangladesh


1. Very simple. It is a DIY type. The package comes with multi-adapters that fit most of the tap sizes in Bangladesh and also installation manual in English.
2. Do I need to buy the filter cartridge and the mounting adapters together with the water purifier?
  • The MK 303 EG set already includes one (1) Head Unit, one (1) filter cartridge, and mounting adapters.
  • You only need to buy a filter cartridge when the cartridge needs to be replaced.
  • Mounting adapters are only included in each MK303 EG Package set and are not sold separately.
3. Do I need plumbing work to install the unit?
  • No, you dont need plumbing work. You can easily install Torayvino by yourself.
4. Once we install the product, will it block the view of the sink?
  • It is so compact that height between the end of a faucet and the spray outlet of MK303 EG is just 45mm. It saves space and doesn't block your view of your hands when using the sink.
5. Will it add a heavy load to a faucet when the water purifier is installed?
  • No it won't! it is very light—weighing only 300g.

How to use?

1. Important Notice
  • Every time you install a new cartridge—please let water SLOWLY pass through the filter cartridge for 30 seconds. Do not turn-on your faucet at full pressure / capacity.
  • Improper break-in may cause big air bubbles to get trapped, which may give you a premature slow water flow.
2. Why do we need to switch from the filtered water to the unfiltered water?
  • Please note that always using filtered water will shorten the lifespan of the cartridge.
  • We recommend using filtered water for drinking and cooking.
  • For unfiltered water, we recommend it for general use like washing hands and dishes.
  • It is very easy to switch between filtered and unfiltered water—just rotate the lever found on the head unit to select the water that suits your needs.
3. Can we use hot water in the unit?
  • No, hot water will reduce the effectiveness or destroy your water filter.
  • Any water temperature over 35°C will lower the effectiveness of the activated carbon in your filter.
  • Water temperature of 50°C and above will result in deformation and/or malfunction of the product.

When to replace the cartridge?

1. How long is the life of the filter cartridge?
  • The maximum filter capacity of a cartridge is up to 1,500 liters. It varies with usage volume, water quality, and water pressure.
2. How will I know when to replace the filter cartridge?
  • You may change the filter cartridge when you can no longer tolerate its water flow.
  • After some period, the water flow on the cartridge will gradually decrease because of the accumulated contaminants in it.
  • For a 5 members family drinking 3 litres water per day per person one filter will last minimum of 100 days.
  • But rest assured, Torayvino is 99.99% bacteria-free until the very last drop!