High Quality Standard

High-Quality Standard of Torayvino:

1. BUET, ICDDRB, PHEI Tested and Certified in Bangla-desh.

2. ISO

The cartridge, which is the heart of TORAYVINOTM (filtration function part), is manufactured on a line controlled in accordance with the international standard ISO9001 for quality control.

3. JIS
Parts that comply with the “Specifications and Standards for Food, Food Additives, etc.” and “JIS K 6353 Rubber goods for water works” of the Food Sanitation Act are used for the water contact part. In addition, we are working to improve the safety of parts and products by conducting tests based on the “JIS S 3200-7 Equipment for water supply service-Test methods of effect to water quality”.

4. All product inspection
In the manufacturing process, we have confirmed by 100% inspection that the hollow fiber membrane removes over 99.95% of impurities greater than 0.0003mm.

5. Membrane technology in the medical field
Toray's hollow fiber membrane technology for water purifiers is utilized in the dialyzer to purify blood.